About Us

Love yourself first and everything falls into line

Love From You isn’t just a subscription box, it’s a gift for your wellbeing.

And we're on a mission

We believe that when you discover the things that truly nourish yourself, you allow yourself to care enough to make you a priority every day.

We want to inspire you to care for your mental health and wellbeing by providing you with the tools and strategies to care for your mind, body and soul.

We want to encourage you to be your authentic selves, to be confident in who you are, and to fulfill your dreams and passions.

Our vision is to help everyone find happiness from within so that they can live their best life.

Meet Hayley

Love From You was created by our founder, Hayley Strawbridge, because of her personal experiences throughout her own wellbeing journey.

Progressively towards the end of her twenties she fell ill multiple times a year. She suffered from anxiety, was lethargic, suffered bad acne, weight problems and had the typical signs of POS. Conventional medicine did not seem to help so she decided to take control and find alternative and natural ways to heal herself. This is where her love for wellness and her mental wellbeing started to bloom.

One of the most important things Hayley has learned is to treat her health and wellbeing holistically. Specifically, to treat her organs, mental health, nutrition and exercise as a whole. To look after her mind, body and soul equally. Most importantly, she recognised that love, being genuine and talking from the heart is who she is and where her strength and purpose comes from.

Since then, Hayley has realised her dream of helping others to be the best version of themselves, to feel like themselves again, and to fulfill their passions and dreams. So, Love From You was lovingly created and designed as a way to get premium wellbeing tools and strategies directly into people's hands.

"I want to inspire others to care for their wellbeing so that they can live their best life. That's my real passion and what has driven me to create Love From You."

Hayley Strawbridge

Giving Back

Along with our mission to nurture and restore mental health and wellbeing, we are dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and providing education to reduce the stigma. As part of our efforts, a portion of every Love From You wellbeing subscription goes to supporting Voices of Hope. Voices of Hope is a not for profit mental health charity in New Zealand which aims to create and implement change for mental health, whilst providing hope through the voices of those with lived experience. 

Click here to visit their website or to learn more about their mission.

Voices of Hope