November / December 2023

This beautiful box features $170 worth of goodies. We have 3 brand spanking new products just launched by their makers, including something to drink, and some treats to nibble on!  We also have some super treats for your face and hands, as well as an awesome reusable waste saving product and a hand made ceramic gift!

Baptise H₂O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel by Antipodes Nature

We are super excited to feature this amazing skin care product with specific water-boosting bioactives that unite with a host of nourishing ingredients to quench thirsty skin. Increases skin hydration up to 52%.  Check out the video from the makers.


Negroni Non-Alcoholic Cocktail by Elta Ego 

We are stoked to feature the latest drink from Elta Ego - a devilishly complex cocktail, layered with sweet vermouth, Campari-inspired bitter orange and herbaceous notes. A clever blend of bitterness and sweetness.  Serve chilled in an old fashioned glass with a large ice cube, garnish with an expressed orange peel.  

Only 38 Cal per 100L.  Contains Red Maca - enhances your libido, energy and fertility, Panax Ginseng - lifts your mood, energy and immunity, and L-Theanine - helps you feel calm and present.

Strawberries & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar (25 gram)   by Wellington Chocolate Factory 

This is a delicious new flavour - you can buy as 25 gram bar of 75 gram bar from reputable gift stores and some supermarkets.  

The sweetness of summer strawberries in a creamy milk chocolate bar and very Snazzy artwork by the awesome T WEI.

Pink Grapefruit & Pepper Hand Cream by Linden Leaves

A fast absorbing natural hand cream fragranced with uplifting pink grapefruit, black pepper and a hint of sandalwood.  This is such a treat for your hands and nails, with sesame oil for nails and cuticles, primrose & almond oils and vitamin E for healthy skin repair, and natural cocoa and shea butters to soften and protect against dryness.

Cranberry Snack Pack (60gm)  by Wise Cookies

Here's a healthy new treat that's a modern twist on an old favourite. Inspired by the traditional Anzac biscuit, Wise Foods have combined tasty cranberries, coconut and collagen. Golden, crunchy and delicious, they're most definitely a kids' favourite too.

These 4.0 Health Star rated Wise Cookies combine tasty cranberries, coconut and collagen. Smart and satisfying in one tasty bite.

Now with 20% more cranberries and less than 1g sugar per cookie. How clever!

NB-these also come in a Pantry Pack (18 cookies)  and Value Pack (42 Cookies) as well as in GLASS JARS & SETS for gifts.


 Wisefoods | 240g Glass Gift jar of 4.0 Health Star rated, allergy-friendly, collagen Cranberry Wise Cookies with a stack of cookies on the right and a hand holding one cookie between thumb and forefinger above that



Rainbow Splash or Bluecurrent Sandwich Bag  by Stasher

These are not just for sandwiches - they can be used for many types of foods to locks in nutrients, flavours, and juices so your food always tastes fresh and delicious. It's an awesome reusable storage bag made from premium platinum silicone, that you can also use in the microwave, as well as boil and freeze it.  Good for you, good for the environment.




Jasmine & Neroli Handwash  by Wanderflower

We have included a little touch of luxe with this uplifting hand wash infused with neroli essential oil, aloe vera extract and vitamin E.  It comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump dispenser for a mess free easy application.  Hydrates, moisturises and soften skins, and help let go feelings of stress and anxiety.


Hand Made Ceramic Trinket Dish by Urban Charm

Hand made from NZ clay, each dish is slightly unique with its crystal glaze.  Also food safe so can be used for sauces as well.