May / June 2023

What's in the box?  $155+ of amazing NZ made goodies, just for you!

 Wellness: Small Changes Big Results by Jess Blair


Naturopath and nutritionist Jess Blair advocates small lifestyle changes for big results. Her food philosophy is based on helping people discover high quality nutritional foods that can be easy, convenient and delicious. Jess says about 90 percent of our serotonin (happy hormone) is created in the digestive tract. So it makes sense, that nutrient dense food can help create healthy, happy habits.

Wellness covers a number of topics from Jess's journey to wellness, explaining exactly what naturopathy is, right through moving your body, a healthy home and more.  Jess’s training as a naturopath and nutritionist leads her to recommend natural remedies and a holistic approach to living well. She communicates complex ideas in an easy-to-understand style, inspiring her readers to ‘just do one thing’ today to start their journey to better health.

 Relief Headache Oil by Clever Little

Clever Little is an amazing NZ business founded and run by women that believe all women deserve better when it comes to their period care. All products should be safe and never cause the body harm. So that became their focus.  In our box we have Relief Headache oil because headaches and migraines can be  a common symptom during a cycle, caused by hormone fluctuations. The oil is good anytime however you might experience a headache.

Deep Foaming Cleanser by Lemon & Beaker 

We absolutely love the Lemon & Beaker range (as you know) so we are pleased to include this cleanser with Lemon essential oil.  

A high-quality facial cleanser is the first step in any skincare routine. This step requires a face wash that is effective at breaking down and removing makeup and gently washing away bacteria, pollution, and dead skin cells morning and night to leave your skin clean and clear. The deep clean foaming cleanser with lemon essential oil is rich in antioxidants, contains high-quality essential oils, and is formulated to deeply cleanse and brighten your skin. The fresh citrus fragrance can awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling vibrant, refreshed, and ready for the next step in your skincare routine.

Calming Balm by Skye Candle & Body Care

Take a moment for yourself to regroup and relax with  Calm Aromatherapy Balm. Made in New Zealand using only 100% natural ingredients, it helps invoke feelings of positivity, happiness and gratitude. The perfect little pick-me-up, our Calm Aromatherapy Balm is packaged into a 40g glass pot, it is a handy size to keep with you in your purse, desk drawer or at your bedside.


Evoking childhood memories of holidays, beach days and family celebrations, Duck Island’s Ambrosia ice cream inspired the new bar after the Wellington Chocolate Factory (WCF) team tasted their way through the ice cream maker’s range.  Cameron Farmilo, Duck Island Co-Owner, says Ambrosia’s special place as a Kiwi dessert favourite inspired them to include it on their menu four years ago, quickly becoming a best-selling flavour they’ve been scooping ever since.  

It’s no easy feat turning a beloved ice cream into a chocolate bar. Before settling on the final flavour, WCF made eight different versions - each taking three days to complete. While they could have done something simpler based around chocolate ice cream, WCF’s artisan chocolate makers wanted to deliver something
unique and completely unexpected. The result is a bar featuring dark Vanuatu chocolate, with echoes of Ambrosia and hints of cherry and yoghurt throughout.

Amalfi Spritz Non Alcoholic RTD by Lyres

The Lyre's Amalfi Spritz is the non-alcoholic alternative to the classic Aperol Spritz and indistinguishable from the original. 

The bittersweet orange and rich peach flavours of the Amalfi Spritz is like sunshine itself, bright, intense and the promise of good times. The fine bubble fills the palate with fresh orange complex rhubarb and elderflower perfectly to finish dry and deliciously refreshing. Classic orange-red in colour.

A rich mix of aromas jump out including classic rhubarb & bitter orange along with mediterranean herbs. Peach and melon notes from the Lyre’s Classico enhance the appeal and drinkability. Just chill, pour and add a slice of orange and green olive. 

  • 0% ABV
  • Aperol Spritz style
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Sparkling wine alternative 

 Vanilla Cookies by Keto Naturals

These amazing coconut cookies are Keto and Paleo friendly.  They are made from simple ingredients using coconuts gently roasted and pressed into bite sized pieces that are simply delicious.  Coconuts are rich in medium-chain fatty acids that help boost metabolism.

Biodegradable Dish Cloth By Rogers Homewares

Great for aiding you in having an eco friendly home!  Can be used instead of paper towels.  When it is dry it will absorb 15 times its own weight to mop up fluids.  Also great as a general household cleaning cloth and dishcloth.  Biodegradable too!