March / April 2023

What's in the box?  $180+ of amazing NZ made goodies, just for you!

Raspberry + Yuzu G & T  by Elta Ego

Since the demand for alcohol-free drinks in NZ is growing rapidly, I want to introduce you to Elta Ego™ -  a NZ company making superbly-crafted non-alcoholic RTD cocktails containing bioactive adaptogens that help lift your mood, energy and confidence to get amongst it without any of the downsides of alcohol.  Adaptogens are special types of plants that help your body reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. They help bring your body back in to balance by managing both physical and mental stressors.

Sweet notes of freshly-picked raspberry combine with well-balanced undertones of citrusy yuzu, juniper berries and a distinguished tonic to deliver the complexity of a classic G&T with a delicate berry twist.  

Alcohol free, low in sugar, low calorie, vegan, gluten free.  NZ Made. 

Rose & Ylang Ylang Face & Body Mist by Linden Leaves

You will love this face and body mist - so refreshing and easy to use!  Spray over the face and body for a quick refresh! 


Milk Chocolate by Wellington Chocolate Factory

I love including chocolate in our Wellbeing Boxes, and it doesn't get much better than WCF!  You will have either the Oat Milk Chocolate or the Raspberry Milk Chocolate in your box.  Both are delicious, fair trade, bean-to-bar, with the Oat Milk being vegan as well!  What a treat! 


Vitamin C Serum with Lemon Essential Oil by Lemon + Beaker

I can not wait for you to try another amazing treat from Lemon + Beaker.  This product will enhance your skin tone, lighten any darks spots and restore your skin to a healthier state!


Caramel Choc Peanut by Alkeme Wholefoods

This is a great treat for you to whip up very quickly.  Alkeme Wholefoods is a brand that is plant based, gluten-free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.  They prove that you can have a tasty treat without any of the nasties.

 Charity Tea by Charity Tea™ 

An organic tea company that raises funds for charity!  Charity Tea™ is a social enterprise business that uses their revenue to address the issues of world hunger. They exist to make a social, environmental and climatic impact, and they are committed to growing people. Every cup of Charity Tea™ nourishes you and goes toward feeding a hungry child.

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer

This is the first time we have included nail care in our boxes - and I know you will love trying this  PETA® certified cruelty-free brand.  It is a globally leading brand, and It has none of the usual nasties so it is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.  Just give the bottle a wee shake before unscrewing lid and applying. 


 Nail Cuticle Oil by Skye Candle & Body Care

This is to assist with your nail care.  Such a great treat to apply to your cuticles for healthy nails.