Scrolling the feed

Written by Hayley Strawbridge - Founder of Love From You

Ever catch yourself mindlessly scrolling social media, constantly comparing yourself to everyone and everything that passes your fingertips? Don’t worry we all do it!

I came across this quote by Zen Shin, “A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it; it just blooms”. I love this because it reminds me to take a step back and stop comparing my own journey to others. When I start comparing myself to others, it not only takes away from my own self-improvement, I start to devalue my accomplishments. She’s skinnier than me, they’re happier than we are, why do I have less followers than him. I start to question and compare myself even when the comparison doesn’t even make sense.

One tip that’s helped me is to turn everything off at least once a week, including my brain. I sit somewhere quiet and just chill out (whatever that means to me at the time – taking deep breathes, meditating, focusing on the natural sounds or just taking in the beauty around me).

It’s important to remember that everyone’s lives move at a different pace and we all have different experiences. Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, try shifting your focus back to your own journey by reaffirming your goals, celebrating your successes so far, and repeating your personal mantras.