What does it mean to look after your mind, body and soul?

Each part of the holistic triangle (mind, body and soul) connects and supports each other to create the optimal balance so that you’re able to lead a happy, healthy and more fulfilled life.

The mind is incredible! It’s instrumental to how we perceive life and associate meaning to the experiences we have. One of the most important things we can do for our mind is to practice mindfulness. It’s the key to developing self-love and self-worth. Some of the things that have helped me is listening to a guided meditation app on my way to work, writing in a daily gratitude journal, listening to an inspirational TED talk or learning a new skill (right now I’m learning to code!)

The body is made to move. My lifestyle is different to your lifestyle and so are our bodies, so it’s important that we listen to our bodies first and foremost. Lately I’ve been making an effort to add more superfoods into my diet, on the weekends walking on a new local track I haven’t done before, biking along our local bike trail, having an afternoon nana nap (I’m all about this!), going to bed an hour early (without my phone to distract me), enjoying a good cry or just hugging my loved ones…often!

The soul is what makes me, me, and what makes you, you. It houses our personality, energy and emotions, our truth and belief system. Essentially, it’s all about connection between ourselves and the earth, our body, our spirit and the Divine (whatever that means to you). To me this has meant letting go of the negative people in my life, choosing to hang out with positive people who uplift me or finding a healthy outlet when I’m feeling frustrated or angry. I also love helping others which is always incredibly healing and rewarding for the soul!

Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to incorporate self-care holistically, but I find taking mini steps towards my goals is much more achievable rather than trying to change lots of things in a short amount of time. Every positive change is a step forward to be celebrated.